18 Aug, 2022

Study links COVID to high risk of seizures 2 years after infection


Increased risk of neurological & psychiatric conditions such as dementia & seizures is still higher two years after COVID-19 compared.

The increased risk of depression and anxiety in adults lasts less than two months before returning to rates comparable to those after other respiratory infections.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there has been growing evidence that survivors might be at increased risk of neurological and psychiatric conditions.

A previous study by the same research group reported that COVID survivors are at high risk of several neurological & mental health conditions in the first 6 months post infection.

Adults who had COVID-19 two years before had a higher risk of 'brain fog' & muscle disease, in compared to those who had other respiratory infections.

Adults above 65, who had COVID up to two years before, there was a higher occurrence of 'brain fog', dementia & psychotic disorder compared to those who had other respiratory infections.

The likelihood of most neurological & psychiatric diagnoses after COVID was lower in children & they were not at greater risk of anxiety or depression than children with other respiratory infections.

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