17 Aug, 2022

Canine infected with monkeypox prompts danger signal


A dog has been infected with monkeypox after catching the virus from its owner, the WHO has said.

Monkeypox spreads through close skin-to-skin contact and also when someone touches fabrics such as clothing, bedding, or towels which have been used by someone with the virus

Monkeypox was declared a global public health emergency by the WHO in July.

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After a steep rise in cases of monkeypox in the UK since May, cases have started levelling off, according to the UK Health Security Agency.

Genetic analysis showed that the virus which infected the dog was exactly the same as the virus infecting the men, the report said.

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credit:  the new york times

Outbreaks in Africa was started by an infected animal and the 2003 monkeypox outbreak in the US was driven by pet prairie dogs.

The big concern is if the virus gets into animals in countries that don't normally have monkeypox - then those creatures could become a long-term source of infection.

— Dr Rosamund Lewis Technical lead on the monkeypox response at  WHO 

This has not been reported before, and we believe it is the first instance of a canine being infected

Monkeypox has shown a knack for infecting a wide range of mammals including squirrels, rats, dormice, monkeys and, of course, us.

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