10 Actors who justified their movie roles

David Bowie
admin | Adhaya David Bowie
as Jareth the Goblin King
in Labyrinth
Credits: NBC
Jennifer Garner
admin | Adhaya Jennifer Garner
as Jenna Rink
in 13 Going on 30
Credits: NBC
Bill Hader
admin | Adhaya Bill Hader
as Richie Tozier
in It Chapter Two
Credits: NBC
admin | Adhaya Keira Knightly
as Elizabeth Bennet
in Pride and Prejudice
Credits: NBC
Tom Hiddleston
admin | Adhaya Tom Hiddleston
as Loki
in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Credits: NBC
Denzel Washington
admin | Adhaya Denzel Washington
as Frank Lucas
in the American Gangster
Credits: NBC
admin | Adhaya Al Pacino
as Michael
in The Godfather
Credits: NBC
Robert De Niro
admin | Adhaya Robert de Niro
as Young Vito Corleone
in the Godfather Saga
Credits: NBC
Daniel Day Lewis
admin | Adhaya Daniel day Lewis
as Daniel Plainview
in There will be blood
Credits: NBC
Jack Nicholson
admin | Adhaya Jack Nicholson
as R.P. McMurphy
in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Credits: NBC